Museum Quality Dance Intensives

"I enjoyed my MQ experience.  I really feel as though my dancing has transformed to the next level.  Even though I am not an artist I gained a lot from the artistic exercises.  Free falling into the depths of trusting the process, in which, I was able to connect my dance passion with my heart.  I had to let go of my preconceived notions of how I should draw so I could journey through the process.  I have to do that with my dance as well.

My favorite part was being able to dance to live music.  I have never done that before and it was such a great experience.  I really liked that Nathan was able to play his violin to match my dancing.  I also really liked that exercise in which we had to pick three words and dance them to live music.  Nathan has a fantastic way of being supportive in the way he plays.  It was truly wonderful being able to watch Tempest and Nathan interact while Nathan was playing the violin and Tempest was dancing.  It felt like poetry in motion. More so, learning that Tempest has worked diligently to perfect her craft is encouraging to me.  When she shared her personal experiences and how not every dance move comes easily it is helpful knowing that with time I will be able to perfect what I work on.  Also, learning that Tempest doesn't depend on choreographed dances and she dances from her heart is something that I would like to work on for my own dancing.



Recent feedback from participants from our 4-Day Intensive in Lancaster, PA:

 I would tell anyone who is thinking about taking a Tempest intensive, that if they want their dance to transform to the next level Tempest and Nathan provide a lovely and supportive intensive packed full of useful bellydance and performance information.  You will be in the presence of two people who believe in their artistic endeavors and are happy to share their knowledge and experience.


I would take this intensive again, or a different intensive with Tempest.  It was such a positive and fun experience.  Would love to do this a couple times a year!!" - Helaine Y.

"I think it was awesome. I learned a lot and I loved how different "lessons" tied together. The group we had came together very well and it was a very comfortable and creative environment.  There was a lot of information and I still find myself having "ah ha" moments related to the material.  This workshop was more of a transformational experience then a workshop. The multiple day format really allows for concepts to sink in and build upon themselves.  I am very glad that I attended and I would absolutely take this workshop again. I feel like what I would learn from this experience would change as I grew as a dancer." - Kalistra


"The whole experience was incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, I had an amazing time!  The critique of our self-portraits was really helpful, I feel like it made an immediate impact on my dancing. It's helping me be more conscious of my body- my footing and my hands specifically. Both of which I needed a ton of work on, so hooray! DO IT! It's absolutely worth everything you put into it!" -Illana

Museum Quality: Art School for Bellydancers  - An Intensive Workshop Experience with Tempest & Nathaniel Johnstone

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