Museum Quality Dance Intensives

Museum Quality is a unique kind of workshop intensive experience that combines visual/fine arts concepts, processes, and techniques with bellydance; training dancers to focus their development beyond just the physical, incorporating mental, visual, and emotional elements as well, and working to elevate the dance personally and professionally. This intensive is accessible to all styles of bellydance and is especially geared towards dancers who wish to advance the artistic quality of their dancing.

Why Art School?

A common debate in the bellydance community is the dance entertainment or art? No matter which side you may lean towards or what style of bellydance you do, the dance itself can benefit from a fine arts-minded approach. This intensive will aid you in developing a critical eye and constructive mind, help deepen creativity, and give you the tools to construct and combine movement, sound, emotion, and aesthetic more effectively.


Why Museum Quality?

Part of the goal of this intensive is for the attendees to consider their performances as they were constructing works of art, focusing on creating art in motion that is the best quality you can produce at your ability and experience. Museums don’t only house the best examples of an artist’s work – they also collect their early and middle pieces, sketches, illustrations – and modern museums and galleries showcase what’s being produced NOW and how it relates to society. So it’s not all about the end result at the end of the line, but the journey of the artist – the same is true with dance.


Who should participate in Museum Quality?

All levels and styles of bellydancers are recommended - though we recommend at least having one year of bellydance classes under your belt by the time the intensive takes place, so that you have at least a basic understanding of the movements we will be working with. There is no maximum for experience, as even dancers with dozens of years of experience will benefit from the intensive. Teachers can expect to go home armed with new and fun exercises for their own students as well! And we welcome repeat-attendees as well - those who have taken the intensive at least twice so far have found they grew even more! And whether you consider yourself left-brain or right-brain (or you don't know which), you will be enriched!


Who shouldn't participate?

If you're looking for a strictly physical "feel the burn" sort of workout or want to be fed choreography, MQ is not for you. If you're not looking for getting feedback on your dance, or finding more depth in your performances, nope, not for you either. If you don't want to try new things or new ideas...yeah, you get the picture.


Museum Quality: Art School for Bellydancers  - An Intensive Workshop Experience with Tempest & Nathaniel Johnstone

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