Museum Quality Dance Intensives

Each day is approximately 6-8 hours of hands-on material, focusing on exercises that challenge both your mind and how you move. Come prepared to dance hard, take notes, get dirty, find your voice, surprise yourself, and have a lot of fun as well!


General Material Outline:

1. Introduction to Art Concepts & Terms, Art & Dance History

2. Presentation of Self-Portrait (Performance)

3. Constructive Critique (learning to give and take constructive criticism)

4. Goal Setting & Discussion (preparation for the rest of the intensive).

5. Right Brain Activation (unlocking creativity and your artistic eye)

6. Transferring from 3D to 2D: from Symbol to Reality, Audio to Visual

7. Lines & Perspective, Shape & Form – Movement Quality

8. Shading and Depth: Strong vs. Subtle – Musicality

9. Concept & Design: Translating Ideas into Art

10. Composition & Communication – Parts of the Whole & Getting It Across

11. Craftsmanship: Quality, Not Quantity

12. Choosing Your Media: Costuming Elements

13. Framing Your Work & Hanging It Up On the Wall (The Museum)


Additional Options (some may require a 4th day, or additional/extended rental of facilities):

14. Studiowerks: an evening salon with performances and improv presentations

15. Museum Trip: Trip to local museum (if available) with discussion & related project assignment

16. “Journey to the Underworld” – meditation, myth, and movement


There will be homework (reading, writing, and concept/movement-based projects) assigned prior to the start of the intensive, and a list of materials for each attendee to bring. Each day of the intensive is approximately 6-8 hours of activities involving media exercises, concept exploration, and studio application. Essentially, the whole body will be addressed and exercised every day to take it to the next level - mind, body, and spirit. There will be assignments each evening for students to complete for the next day.


At least one month before the scheduled event, material for student assignments will be provided to the sponsor to be distributed to registered students. There is also a short list of affordable art materials for students to purchase prior to the event (or for the sponsor to procure and share).

Museum Quality: Art School for Bellydancers  - An Intensive Workshop Experience with Tempest & Nathaniel Johnstone

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