Museum Quality Dance Intensives

"It was amazing! I have done other intensives before and they normally leave me feeling excited and with the brain full of ideas but depleted of energy as well. This time, I still had plenty of energy at the end... but it was still challenging. I accessed the right side of the brain more fully than I have ever had. I liked all the exercises and, surprisingly, the drawing exercises were my favorite! (MQ) already has affected my dancing b/c I'm more open in my posture now. Also, I've been able to take more chances in my dance and allow myself to do what I really want to do (instead of what is safe). I also have been using the drawing exercises to understand my music differently. (MQ) definitely met my expectations. That is a lot of material to cram into 3 days" - Celeste


"I feel great about the experience. I had a really good time and was challenged to think about my dance in ways I am normally not able to. My favorite exercise was the self-portrait dance. I was able to look inside myself to find inspiration for my solo (not something I normally get in the group dance world) and create from there. It was also the first time in my belly dance "career" that I have had constructive feedback about what was good and bad about the performance and how to think about making effective changes so that it would be presentable in front of a public forum. It's already made me more confident as a solo dancer. I haven't ever had a lot of comments on my solos, other than the normal - "hey that was good!" or "That was fun!" I realize that I can be a ham and really work something to my advantage with my facial expressions, but wasn't ever really sure if the dancing portion was living up to the rest of it. Now, I feel like I have had a little bit of encouragement and that I am going in the right direction." - Carrie Meyer


" I feel like I was able to grow and take it to the next level with my dance, which I was ready for and have been struggling with for the past year, finally breaking the plateau. I loved the warm ups, the card readings, the exercises where we took the same song, but each person had a different moood or emotion to convey, I may be weird for saying this, but my very favorite part was the critique, that's really what I came there for . I think it will make me more aware of myself, my facial expressions and my overall dancing. I tihnk I will try to add a few more traditional bellydance moves in. I think it willl benefit my dancing overall and I am already applying it in my performances. (MQ) met and even exceeded my expections. I felt there was a lot of individual attention, it was a very close and personal group." - Ami Amore'

"Surprised, validated, challenged, humbled. I am much more confident of what I perceive and can create myself. I am not a huge "touchy-feely-tell-us-all-how-you-feel" kinda person, HOWEVER, I found that the exercises led me (and all of us) into deeply experiencing/feeling without any of the usual associated drama/embarrassment. Emotional work that was very intellectual (?) At any rate... whatever the correct word is, the work was very integrative for me. No feeling of "some of this and then some of that" flowed and built and had a certain stealth learning to it. The change I experienced between Friday and Sunday was actually quite large, but it was in some part of my head and perceptions that I don't normally access for dance. That caught me by surprise and i s probably the hardest part to describe yet what left the deepest impression weeks later. On a COMPLETELY non-dance note: I found that I went back to work making things for my gallery show with a completely changedapproach. I created 4 peices in rapid succession that were unplanned originally but tht i liked so much I included in the show. My felt work had taken a completely new direction and I really think that this is the result of the inner changes that came out of the intensive. I can't spell it out very clearly, but it's like I grew into another part of my brain..." - Kat Alyst


"I would love the chance to do another intensive with you...I think you will be really happy with my progress. (I hope! lol) I found the intensive this summer tremendously helpful with my development as an artist and performer, rather than just a dancer (drilling moves only, etc). I'm doing much better with use of stage and my stage face. " - Molly M.


"I feel my MQ experience was pretty pivotal. I’ve been dancing for 18 years-ish, and most of my workshops attended have been about technique. It was delightful to focus on stage craft, and more over that – to have some time and space to think about how *I* want to approach dance, vs just someone telling me how *they* approach dance. Given that I read Tempest’s blog, and that I know a solid tenant of hers is “Dance like you” – I was pretty confident that the MQ would be all it was advertised and more... Given the intensity of some of the work, I was glad that we weren’t’ trying to cram in choreography or memorize principles or endure dance boot camp... The pair of you work together like a pair of things that work amazingly well together. I was as delighted watching the dynamic between you as I was experiencing it as you lead us through the workshop. I’ve got my notes (which I have not transcribed yet) and I find myself applying bits and pieces of this weekend to every part of my life – not just my dancing. I guess I heard enough “zomg this is amazing it will change your life!!” comments from people that I came to think that it might – so I allowed it to? This weekend and what I learned is affecting my Day Job, my interpersonal relationships, how I approach problems, how I approach myself and then ALSO how I approach dancing and stage craft. It’s a wee bit spooky on that accounting, if you want to know." - Heather P.

Museum Quality: Art School for Bellydancers  - An Intensive Workshop Experience with Tempest & Nathaniel Johnstone

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