Museum Quality Dance Intensives

Feedback from participants from our "Summer Salon: Mini MQ" 's:
"I learned so much about myself as a dancer and feel more able to be creative and confident in my dance. I feel that I have more concrete exercises that I can use to help me study music and create more meaningful dances. It was also the first time at a workshop that I was able to understand what I needed to improve (self-portraits) when dancing my dance, and not someone else's. I got advice beyond the 'do lots of yoga and drills' that I've heard at so many other workshops.  Thank you so much, this was truly an amazing workshop.   (To other dancers, I say:) Take it! You won't regret it!" - Fiona S. 

"Amazingly insightful and open ... very nurturing environment for creative souls to bear their souls ...I would say (this intensive is) a must to the aspiring dancer/performer!" - Judith P.

"I loved it. It was challenging, gave me some new perspective and inspired me to work on my art.  It will make me focus on deepening my dance art (theatricality) and think about what I am trying to say with my performance.  This intensive will stretch your dance wings, give you the tools to grow as a performer and take your dance to the next level.  Highly Recommended!" - Ameena

"I deeply appreciated the feeling of acceptance, and learning & creating in a totally supportive environment under the great guidance of Tempest.  I felt like my imagination was poked and awaken in a sense that I'm curios to go deep with my own dance.  An enriching experience in a totally unexpected way!"

"I enjoyed my experience. It was a pleasure collaborating with all of the participants. The opportunity for peer review is very valuable. I also think that you created a great environment for dancers of all levels. It was a safe and supportive situation that really allowed participants to explore who they were as dancers.  I really enjoyed the self portraits section and the peer review. It was really nice to get to know people better as dancers through the exercise. It also helped me think about who I am as a dancer which was interesting and appreciated. I also loved the discussion of composition, etc in relation to the pieces of artwork that we brought it. It was a great learning tool. I also loved the improvised collaboration with Nathan. That was a ton of fun. I am always so impressed with the range of sound that he can coax out of one instrument. And lastly, the drawing exercises were really fun and had great energy. It's been a long time since I've done a gesture drawing and they were so enjoyable!  I think this intensive was helpful in finding out my strengths and weaknesses as a dancer - both from my own exploration and from the critique. It gave me a lot of valuable feedback as to what I need to work on and as to what I am doing well on that I should explore further. "


" I am so grateful we got this opportunity. I learned so much and had a such a wonderful weekend with everyone. I'm still processing everything, and will continue to for the next few days I'm sure. I hope I get to do it again someday!" - Allura

"All the art!! So many things to consider now...I had some basic art training in school, but never any drama! We definitely played outside the box today!" - Glenda

" This was one of the best weekends, and definitely the best workshop I've ever been a part of thus far in my studies." - Amber

"This weekend was the reaffirmation I sought to know that I am on the right path. It was also inspirational and wonderful to meet so many dancers of all different skill levels and skill sets. For my second time at an MQ this was good to see how much I have evolved and how the program has developed. Thank you Tempest (and Nathaniel Johnstone and the other MQ attendees ) for sharing your wisdom and insight and selves." - Ami

"I knew when I signed up that it would change my perspective on what I do. After trying so hard to get technique and to understand cultural appropriation, somewhere along the line, I had forgotten how to dance! Or at least, how to dance freely. Thank you (every one of you!) for inspiring me and helping me find that dancer again  I look forward to dancing with you all in the future!" - Bez

"This was the best workshop ever! Thank you Tempest and Nathaniel Johnstone for sharing your wealth of knowledge and talent. Thank you Ami Amore' for bringing them to St. Louis. Best group of ladies too - loved you all! " - Beckie




Museum Quality: Art School for Bellydancers  - An Intensive Workshop Experience with Tempest & Nathaniel Johnstone

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